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The era of the Batumi Palace consists of 8 floors. The hotel is located in the city of Batumi on one of the central streets. Near the hotel there are many entertainment and shopping centers. The hotel is located at a distance of 150 meters from the coast. You will need only 5 minutes to walk, through Batumi Boulevard, to get to the waterfront. To cover the distance from the Batumi International Airport to the hotel, you will need 30 minutes.
Initially, the hotel had 39 rooms, because of the growing demand for rooms, we purchased the territory near the hotel, expanded it, and now the hotel has 57 comfortable rooms. The rooms are equipped with heating and air conditioning, you can use cable-free, fast Internet, TV with cable and satellite channels, mini-bar, bathroom, hygiene items and essentials. For safety, a smoke detector and an electronic door lock are installed. The hotel offers rooms of the following categories:


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Restaurant Era is located in 77, Gorgiladze street. It is divided into three territorial units : Classic type, lounge type and Asian type. Restaurant Era offers a cozy atmosphere, a sophisticated interior and exterior that is perfectly combined with each other where you can plan various types of corporate evening parties.ნThe restaurant hall is designed for 100 guests who can enjoy the karaoke system. Restaurant Era is distinguished by its kitchen where you can taste Georgian traditional and European dishes.

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